SCADA Watch: Hackers Penetrate Water System Computers

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via abc news’ “the blotter”.


a foreign hacker who penetrated security at a harrisburg, pa., water
filtering plant is under investigation by the fbi for planting
malicious software capable of affecting the plant’s water treatment
operations, abc news has learned.

the hacker tried to covertly use the computer system as its own
distribution system for e-mails or pirated software, officials told abc.

“the concern was high because it is a computer that controls an
important infrastructure system, and if, for some reason, it caused it
to fail, it would have disrupted service,” said special agent jerri
williams of the fbi’s philadelphia field office.

the columbus day weekend intrusion is the fourth recorded cyber-attack
on a u.s. water supply in the past four years, according to the records
of waterisac, an industry information sharing and analysis center with
members from among more than 1,000 drinking water and wastewater
systems in the united states.



gadi evron,

  • hackerfallsoverface

    The title of the article should have said, hacker hacks laptop of porn/game/movie downloading guy, which is outsourced by the water company to their security…

  • Landon Lewis

    This was announced at the SANS SCADA Summit on September 30th (1 month ago) by the PA CISO and one of the employees of the water treatment facility.