Money Mule Recruitment Over IM

how many times have you received an email offering “work from home” or 75k a year? these are money mule recruitment emails.

a money mule is much like a drugs mule. the mule facilitates the transfer of the money as a middle-man. if say, an eastern european mobster wants to get the money he stole from a bank account in the us by the means of phishing, he’d have to somehow transfer that money.

the money mule would get the money, keep a small percentage and send the rest via the anonymous western union, laundering it.

today was the first time we observed a money mule recruitment happening on instant messaging.

be careful on what you believe, no matter if via email, the phone or im.

gadi evron,

  • Ertunga Arsal

    IM is used for years for that purpose. I am actually quite surprised to hear you did not know about it.

    A police chief that I spoke to, mentioned that most of the cases they had actually originated from Russia.

    The question is whether the man in the middle is charged for it. In some countries this is not so easily possible by law. People know this, and abuse it. Thus, many univ. students consciously do this part time.

  • sunshine

    IM spam had been around for a while. Today I heard of mule recruitment as early as a few months back. Indeed, I haven’t heard of this medium used for this before yesterday.

    The good thing about money mules, is that they get caught – and quickly.

  • walter

    i have received sevral and still do but i have gone as far as recieving a check that has been stolen or opforged twice not i use the spam button in my email and such more then any other i think i will ware it out soon :) )

  • Aurelius Tjin

    hi sunshine,

    thanks for the information. i just loathe this people who tried so easily to smear the online business by their unscrupulous tactics. they should be getting a life!