DLP on the rise: McAfee buys Israeli startup Onigma for $15-25 million

according to this new article at haaretz, mcafee bought israeli startup onigma for 15 to 25 million usd.

onigma is a company working on dlp (data leakage prevention). according to the article by raphael fogel, mcafee will work to integrate this technology in their enterprise security solution, as well as recruit more developers to establish an r&d center in israel.

“the technology enables the company to monitor all its workers and ensure they do not send confidential information beyond the enterprise boundaries, whether via internet or external memory storage devices.”

dlp is a growing field with many startup competitors. i am not at all sure how effective this technolgoy is, but it comes as an answer to growing concerns in many organizations to protect against sensitive information leaking out.

how this field will develop is indeed interesting, and this buy by mcafee may possibly indicate dlp becoming the new buzzwork which anti virus vendors will use to advance their solutions.

whether this technology is successful or not, we are going to hear a lot more about it. the buy is interesting on its own, and it will also be interesting to see what other companies knee-jerk now to buy a foothold in this growing field (whether by the merit of the technology or by the lack of other solutions).

gadi evron,