ICANN Issues a Statement on the Spamhaus Case

icann issued a statement on the spamhaus case:

9 october 2006 — icann has been advised that a proposed order referencing icann has been submitted to the court in the matter entitled e360insight, llc et al. v. the spamhaus project, case no. 06 cv 3958. this lawsuit is currently pending in the united states district court, northern district of illinois.

please note that icann is not a party to this action and no order has been issued in this matter requiring any action by icann. additionally, icann cannot comply with any order requiring it to suspend spamhaus.org or any specific domain name because icann does not have either the ability or the authority to do so.

also, for a good perspective on this issue, matthew prince, a spam savvy illinois lawyer took a shot at explaining what’s what with the spamhaus case from a lawyer’s perspective http://blogs.securiteam.com/index.php/archives/664.

gadi evron,