Wikipedia Abused in a Nigerian Scam [updated]

apparently, this guy spammed himself and referred to a wikipedia article he created to give himself credibility.

cute! :)

phishing by wikipedia? the admins will probably notice this soon and remove it, but if this becomes as common-place as comment spam has, i am not sure they can handle the over-head. this is about money, and the bad guys make a lot.

it’s also possible this is a joe job on someone real.

the entry in wikipedia appears to be about a real person related to organized crime. i wonder why he of all people was chosen to be used in this scam?

hello dear friend!!!
vladimir ivanov (vladimir ivanov)
today 18:11:52

spam status: spamassassin 40% probability of being spam.

full report:
no, score=2.4 required=6.0 tests=bayes_50,dns_from_rfc_post, pling_pling,rcvd_in_sbl,subj_all_caps,sub_hello autolearn=no version=3.0.3
hello friend,

i am dr vladimir ivanov. and i represent mr. mikhail
khordokovsky the former c.e.o of yukos oil company in russia. i have a
very sensitive and confidential brief from this top (oligarch) to ask
for your partnership in re-profiling funds us$42.3 million. i will give the
details, but in summary, the funds are coming via bank menatep.
this is a legitimate transaction. you will be paid 10%
for your “management fees”. if you are interested, please write
back by mail and provide me with your confidential telephone number, fax
number and email address and i will provide further details and

please keep this confidential; we can’t afford more
political problems. finally, please note that this must be concluded within
two weeks.

please write back promptly. write me back through my
personal email


i look forward to it.


dr vladimir ivanov

gadi evron,

  • Tyler

    Amazingly enough, in these newfangled “Wikis” you can easily review the discussion and revision history to see if this is in fact a one-off created by a spammer. Hello research!

  • sunshine

    Right, so if this becomes common practice and articles are actually faked/played with – in spammer dos style….

  • Marek

    Mikhail Khodorkovsky is a well-known person in whole Europa and even more in the eastern countries of Europe. His imprisonment under questionable circumstances was widely discussed in the European media.
    As you can read in the wiki article he has been one of the richest persons in Russia and still has a fairly large fortune.
    If the target group of this scam is in Europe the person (and according wiki article) was in fact well chosen.

  • nerd

    They impersonate the big boys, including yahoo, coca-cola, heineken, guiness, and even government, so this isn’t the worse….