The anti botnet market for ISPs and corporate networks

is here. several companies are rehearsing their old products and buzzwording them for ddos mitigation or botnets, but not trend micro.

trend micro released a brand new product, implemented with the novel idea of utilizing dns to detect bots on an isp or corporate network.

whether by massive requests for a c&c (bots phoning home) or massive requests for an mx record (spam bots), looking for negative caching (nx being cached as the c&c is not there yet but requested) and beyond.
it works. i don’t know if that’s what trend micro is doing, but it’s one step in the right direction to better botnet detection and mitigation.

larry seltzer wrote a good article on it:,1759,2020286,00.asp

this idea has been explored before:

the domain name service as an ids:

the original paper can be found, here:
(these guys were cool enough to reference me, hehe)

other papers were linked to from the above mentioned post.

this is pretty cool, and is worth a look. i guess we will find out what this commercialized technology is worth now that it is out of the home-grown/academic tools realm.

gadi evron,