Getting out of the box : The problem of Babel

(in keeping with my ‘purging’ theme, I’m gonna release old blog posts that I meant to come back and clean up. These are just scattered remnants of long-gone ideas…)

A few years back, I worked for this company that subjected all their employees to ‘out-of-the-box’ training. It was a non-grueling, week-long seminar that was mandatory for all IT disciplines and included team-building exercises, personality inventories, group puzzles, creative-thinking exercises, etc. At the end of the week, we were supposed to be equipped to solve problems in creative ways. It was very lame.

In the beginning, Security groups were way out of the box. In fact, most didn’t even acknowledge the existence of a box. Over the years, they have not only invented the box – they have reverse-houdinied themselves into the box. How did that happen?

1) Security has become increasingly complex.

2) The single human brain can only master a finite amount of information.

3) Niche skills become the norm.

Add all this up and you get what I call “The problem of Babel”. We are creating (have created) a growth-limiting caste system. Instead of building a large Tower which would enhance our view of the landscape and feed our creativity, we have dotted the landscape with disjoint chimneys. The chimney’s rarely touch, have no solid base for high growth, are limited in size and scope, and end up trapping those inside.

And, one more