ATM hack

dd had a nice post today by halvar on an atm fraud:

according to a nathan landon who provided with more details:

they showed it on the news here in virginia. they have security camera footage of the guy who they believe is the perpetrator trying to pull out $250 and getting $1000. he did this twice apparently. he doesn’t look like the “engineer” type. they reported that he was able to turn on the glitch through a series of entered numbers. doubtful he knew what he was doing otherwise he could have turned it off between attempts.

it took 9 days apparently to catch the error when a good samaritan noticed that they got more than they asked for and reported it.

if this is real, it sure is interesting how it came to be.

gadi evron,

  • Sid

    I read about this somewhere, probably fark. He had made the machine always give out $20 notes instead of but made it think they were $5. With a x4 payout I’m not all that suprised it took 9 days for someone to pipe up.