Wireless not working? go Wired

I arrived at Ataturk Airport (for those who don’t know its located in Turkey), and found out their Wireless network is worth … wait it … shit … You can hardly get a signal, I stood near the Free Wireless Access(tm) sign and got less than 15% signal, frustrated, I decided to go the extra mile.

The Turks are really nice, they provide Internet access points to people sitting in the travelers lounge, these Internet access points are connected via Ethernet. I decided to give it a shot and plugged my laptop to the socket… damn, nothing … most have a sophisticated IDS/IPS/ACL/NOC/[Insert buzzword] device blocking me. Not yet ready to lose the war… was I at war? :) … I decided to issue this command:
ifconfig eth0 hw ether XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX

Where I replaced the XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX with the MAC address of the Internet access point which I sniffed using Wireshark ™ – known in the past as Ethereal – and voula, “free” Ethernet based access to the network… though wired :(

I am sure the guys at the security department were telling jokes, think of the poor bastard that will plug his laptop and see that it won’t work … mohahaa…, but hey, I guess you need to get smarter, MAC address are no means of detecting the remote computer’s identity :)

That is it for now. C’ya

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    You hacked the planet?