and hacked

Interesting things happens:

Online vandals, apparently operating from Pakistan, broke into the computer hosting Mitnick’s Web site on Sunday and replaced his front page with one of their own. As a result, four Web addresses belonging to Mitnick, including and, displayed an explicit message on Mitnick and hacking.

reported ZDnet on Monday.
I really like about this printer-friendly link! ;-)

It appears that redirects to

Update: report including all four mirror links here.

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  • Rosemary Jolley

    This is just a personal question. My daughters computer was stolen and now I have gotten mail from her computer of are using her name, I don’t know which since I am not computer smart, trying to sell items and they show all her contacts and the police say they can not trace it back to see who has her computer. Do they know what they are talking about or just don’t know what to do? I know you are a busy person and I will understand if I get no response from you. Thank you any how. Just a little upset that someone can break into a home and steal from people. Rosemary Jolley from Shauck, Ohio.