Memory Leak #12 (comic strip)

Memory Leak, Twelfth strip of this new comics.

Memory Leak #12

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  • Gouki

    LOLOL! Nice one! (-:

  • Anonymous

    What does this mean?

  • John R,

    Glad to see that I am not the only one who can’t figure out the meaning behind this one!

  • Anonymous

    Someone who knows what’s going on should answer this

  • Gouki
  • Anonymous

    My guess is that Michael Lynn didn’t sign in with his own name to the Cisco bash.

    Therefore, the security the event was applying was trivial and the bouncers were not following the best practices laid down by either of the respected authors whose works are portrayed in the first two panels.

    A sensationalist would say he crashed the bash. A hacker would say he finessed the system.

  • John Madick

    Maybe I’m a cranky old guy, but I take it as a comment on the “rock-star” image of information security today. Concepts (and the authors) rarely get any coverage when they have a release of significance, but get on stage at a “hacker convention” and show a specific exploit and they’ll line up around the block to have you sign an autograph. But then again, Mitnik’s popularity pisses me off as well.

  • George

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