Internet Security Operations and Intelligence – a DA Workshop

the da workshop will be mostly on the subject of botnets, while touching phishing and ddos.

it will take place on august 10th, hosted by cisco in san jose with a dinner, sponsored by the isc.
participation is open only to members of closed and vetted mitigation and security operations groups.

main lineup:

“bot, botnets, sandbox, impact”
righard j. zwienenberg (norman)

“msrc malware/exploit zero day response – case studies”
greg galford (microsoft)

“the rough road around us in botnet tracking”
jose nazarijo (arbor)

“malcode toolkit profiteering:feeding the trend in m.o. from fame to fortune”
hubbard dan (websense)

case study: ***
levi gundert (us secret service)

“recent bots detection information from microsoft security products”
ziv mador (microsoft)

“security inside the router:how network gear handles ddos attacks”
barry raveendran greene (cisco)

“what keeps us up at night:
new & advanced difficult to mitigate ddos attacks”
darrel lewis (cisco)

“the global infection rate”
rick wesson (alice’s registry)

“phishing and botnets organized crime:
globalization and tehnology intelligence update”
gadi evron (beyond security)

“fast-flux botnet c&c servers – detection & mitigation”
randy vaughn (baylor)

david ulevitch (everydns / opendns)

jerry dixon (dhs – us-cert)

paul vixie (isc)

the web site for the workshop is:

gadi evron,