RFID Malware: Is Your Cat Infected with a Computer Virus?

the bbc just came out with a story covering the now several months old work of melanie r. rieback, bruno crispo and andrew s. tanenbaum from the vrije universiteit amsterdam on malware spreading through rfid. (hat tip to dude)

you can find their work here and here.

gadi evron,

  • http://anti-virus-rants.blogspot.com/ kurt wismer

    wow, the bbc is really behind the times – this was circulating through the security sites back in march…

    the ‘viruses’ (if you want to call them that) don’t actually infect RFID tags, the tags are just a transport medium… the malware runs on and affects the back-end systems that read the RFID tags…

    the whole thing just underlines the fact that even when you’re designing an RFID inventory system you still need to worry about things like SQL injection and other attacks perpetrated through malformed inputs… the threats to those back-end systems are not new, other types of systems already deal with them and the counter-measures (like checking that inputs are valid) are well known, it’s just made more clear that they do actually apply to such specialized systems…

  • http://N/A Ron Jennings

    I found the info on RFID very intresting. I had never thought about malware via this.

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