Team Evil Incident (Cyber-terrorism defacement analysis and response)

beyond security’s besirt just released this document, detailing one of the
recent cyber-terrorism defacement attacks on pro-israeli servers by team
evil, following the political tensions in gaza, with:

*. tech details.
*. log of the incident response team, detailing the experience.
*. some conclusions and lessons-learned.

you can find the document here:

gadi evron,

  • Gouki


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  • achtung

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve actually found and talked to these people (team-evil) through IRC. Though they’ve since disappeared and I haven’t been able to retrace them….

  • Team-Evil

    You stupids group
    conclusions stupid
    go to hell

  • i

    securiteam systems kiddies

  • cyber

    Wow – looks like some amazing readin’! Thanks so much for hosting :) )

  • Me

    Wow. I do not understand [u]why[/u] they do it- they hacked our site a couple days ago.