Several updates to First MS Excel 0-day Vulnerability FAQ done

I decided to write a short entry to share information about several updates to First Microsoft Excel 0-day Vulnerability FAQ document at

* Several exploits for this vuln and other Excel issues have been released recently.

* PoC sample file Nanika.xls was posted to public mailing list on Monday already
(NOTE: Several vendors see this as a separate vulnerability)

* New Trojan variant names added to the document

* Some other updates and fixes

Word ‘First’ to the FAQ document title was added in June to clarify the situation.

Updates are included to revision history too.

BTW: It’s interesting to notice that the newest hlink.dll overflow code posting uses wrong references. And this was not the first time!

10th July: Yes, so-called Nanika.xls issue is a separate vulnerability assigned to CVE-2006-3431.
11th July: FAQ document updated with information from released MS06-037 Security Bulletin.