P2P spam spamming

note: i would treat links in this post as un-safe.

a week or two ago my auto-grabber p2p program triggered on the
“book” string. the pdf downloaded (msu-report1.pdf) seems to be something
that shows you how to “market online”. seems to me more like a selling
point for a spammer looking for clients, but what do i know? could be
anything from drive-through links to industrial espionage. :)

it could also be a legit book…..? i have seen another since, but i didn’t keep it.

whether this is a pitch to find clients or a lure of some other kind, or even a real legit “how to market online” ebook, it shows of a move spammers are making into the p2p realm as legit marketers are often the second to travel a path.. hey, why should only viruses and spyware lurk there?

some key words that appear in this text are disturbing, here are the first two pages (out of 18) for your review:

“marketing secrets unleashed
secret report package reveals everything you need to know
to profit from affiliate programs in as little as 7 days

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what the .guru.s. never tell you
by jason oickle
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ben harrison
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table of contents
part 1
how to turn your customers into a long-term goldmine……………3
part 2
how to build an opt-in list as an affiliate marketer……………..5
part 3
how to earn the trust of your subscribers the easy way…………..8
part 4
how to stop petty commission thieves and increase your conversion……10
part 5
10 surefire ways to drive traffic to any website………………11
part 6
7 exceptional ways to get free advertising………………..14
part 7
writing articles can explode your business………………..16

most links are in the following possibly un-safe site:
w ww.m arketingsecretsunleashed.com

gadi evron,