How to defeat China’s Great Firewall

Clayton, Murdoch and Watson have got a paper up on how to defeat the “Great Firewall” of China, it’s a really interesting read, if I was based in China I’d test it out myself, as I’m not though let’s hear it from anyone over there that has tried this as to whether or not this this works. Theoretically it all makes sense, but in practice is usually different. It’s a well written paper, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in bypassing firewalls, let alone firewalls of this magnitude.

Here’s the direct link to the paper:

As always, have fun!

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  • j0hn

    Cool Research!

  • Jeff – cool proxy site to bypass China Firewall. is faster and so much easier to use then the other crappy web based ones.
    All my favorite sites youtube, gmail, facebook open correctly using freedur. I use it also at work – they have a portable version so you don’t need to insall anything.
    Just put it on your USB stick.