Internet Censorship, Websense and YOU

apparently these guys really hate it. probably their parents don’t allow them to view porn, or their school doesn’t allow them to go to warez sites.

in securiteam we get a lot of comments and requests for help from school kids trying to bypass websense to enter anonymizers, etc. so when i came across this video of “jay-walking” about how much websense sucks, i had to share.

is this too much of a private joke? sorry then. :)

personally i strongly oppose internet censorship. i strongly support everyone allowing whatever they want on their own networks.

here is the flic:

gadi evron,

  • Andre Fucs

    That reminds me a day when I posted that like you I don’t agree with censorship, so I sent to my younger brother that is in China. Didn’t realize that wikipedia and blogspot are blocked over there.

  • me

    ok great cuz of sucky websense youtube is blocked here also so good going with the link smart one

  • Jack Mehoff

    Websense sucks balls.

  • Val

    It’s sunday. I work in an assistance center, which means, I am on the phone. I get what…1, 2 call/hour today? Can I surf the net or play a game instead of sitting here in front of a screen waiting for the phone to go *beep*? Heh, course not. Websense.
    By the way, if you know some sites with games that are not labelled as games, fun, entertainment, dating and personals, adult contents, gambling or proxy avoidance…please let me know! ;)

    Cheers, Val.

  • nick

    wow so youtube is blocked by websense, so i cant even see the link you posted….

  • XxPanzyxX

    Ok… Im gonna say this straight
    Websense suxs!!!!!!!!!
    Its so f*cking g*y!
    U cant do ANYTHING
    no you tube!!!!!!!!