FreeNode IRC Hijacked

this really brings me back… unfortunately on my irc days i was a lame irc helper and later oper and admin rather than a l33t hax0r.

fergie (paul ferguson) just sent this to funsec:

via regular ramblings.
the world’s largest foss irc network, freenode, has been (for lack of a better word) hijacked. the culprit, who went by the nickname ratbert, seems to have nabbed the privleges of robert levin, president and executive director of peer-directed projects center (freenode’s parent organization), aka lilo. whew! as if that wasn’t enough in itself, ratbert pushed out an offensive global message and attempted a dcc send exploit. he then proceded to kill and/or k-line every staff member in sight, including lilo, and brought down quite a few of freenode’s servers. this log shows the ominous beginning of the mess:

-ratbert- [global notice] i am a fat asshole, who loves abuse, die
-ratbert- dcc send youarealljudenlol

the rest is too broad and too long to log in full, but mainly consists of freenode staff members being killed (with some colorfully interesting reason messages) and cries of “mayday! mayday!” and other expressions of terror throughout the many channels of freenode.

more here:

gadi evron,

  • webmaster forum

    Nothin’ like a little publicity with an IRC hacking…I checked my freenode msg window, I’ve been on for days, and don’t see any global messages.

    20:05 -lilo(i=levin@freenode/staff/pdpc.levin)- [Global Notice] Hi all. As you
    are probably aware, freenode has had some difficulties in the last
    day or so. One of our staffers, Susan Stewart (HedgeMage), will be
    on hand in #freenode-moderated in just a couple of minutes, to make
    a quick statement and take some questions. Thanks.

  • Sara

    So how did the guy get the passwords?