Blog Spammer Caught. Now What?

someone just directed me to this url:

basically, the guy noticed a guy with a laptop, as there are no other laptop users in his building complex he got suspicious and loaded up his “trusty sniffer”. he saw the guy spamming many blogs.

here is a picture from the post:

he disconnected his wireless, ran to his car and followed the spammer home. question is, without breaking the law or crossing the line (“the spammers are breeding!” – the spammer has kids) how does he get him back?

the guy fears retribution (which is why he put this post anonymously somewhere else), but erm, i bet the spammer knows where he lives, right? :)

it’s a cute post with pictures. go see. go see.

speaking of which, our next door neighbors are a blog spamming company.. sorry, search engine optimization company (there’s actually legit companies who do that, but not many). those of us who smoke, smoke with them in the breaks. nice guys.

gadi evron,

  • joelesler

    Beat the dude down with a stick.

    I don’t think tailing anyone is illegal, and I don’t know if comment spamming is illegal either. But email spamming is a different story. Report him.. what’s it going to hurt (besides the fact that he knows where you live)

  • sunshine

    Actually, breaking into his wireless network is illegal.

  • Sara

    You mean he had is WAP wide open?

  • sunshine

    Thinking about it some more, I hope this guy doesn’t get sued for sniffing the intruder’s connection.

  • Qwertyman

    He could always keep an eye out and the next time he spots Mr Spam send him somewhere nasty online. goatse would probably get the message across. Ah the joys of having control of your own network.

  • JJ

    or call the cops on him intruding!