The ISC Launches DLV (Go DNS-SEC!)

dns-sec, what a lame excuse for a well-run project by the ietf. it’s been more… more than a decade since the development started and we are still not there.

the isc (people who develop and maintain bind and other useful tools, maintain a couple of dns root servers, etc.) announced dlv, a tool with which dns-sec can be deployed without the need to use the infrastructure. you can start your own dlv registry.

it is an important step in getting to dns-sec which is long over-due, not to mention get rid of domain hijacking and other such nuisances.

you can read more about it at circleid/

in my opinion other than providing the world with a great tool and for a way for people to make more money, the isc may be thinking of pressuring the ietf to move it’s behind.

gadi evron,