PaiMei RE Framework

pedram amini announced paimei a few days ago. here is what he just said about it on dd:

for those of you who may be interested, i recently released a reverse
engineering framework that i’ve been working on named paimei. the goal
of the framework is to reduce the time from “idea” to prototype to a
matter of minutes, instead of days.

paimei is written entirely in python and exposes at the highest level a
debugger (pydbg, a component i’ve previously mentioned on this list), a
graph based binary abstraction and a set of utilities for accomplishing
various repetitive tasks. the framework can essentially be thought of as
a reverse engineer’s swiss army knife and has already been proven
effective for a wide range of both static and dynamic analysis tasks
such as: fuzzer assistance, code coverage tracking, data flow tracking
and more. you can grab the latest copy from:

i made the general documentation, api references and a flash demo of the
code coverage tool available on my personal site:

the real-time graphing and ida exporting functionality is not shown off
in the demo, i’ll add it as soon as i get better at making these silly

a couple of really brilliant individuals have already taken strong
interest in paimei and i hope to others get inspired to contribute as
well. please feel free to contact me directly on my pedram [dot] amini
[at] gmail account (pedram@redhive is purely a spam trap).

gadi evron,