2005′s BlackHat books, got `em?

There’s a rumour going around about Michael Lynn doing a book signing at this year’s defcon.

What will he be signing, you ask? Why, last year’s BlackHat books. Yes, the ones with the pages of his presentation torn out! :)
If the whispers are to be believed the income from this book signing would be donated to the EFF! Now, ain’t that cool?

In our opinion some of that money should go to cover Mike’s huge legal costs due to Ciscogate, but we are just rumour mongers! What do we know?

We wonder how much these would sell for on eBay, before and after? If they are sold now, their price is about to go up!

  • bk

    what, i’m going to lug that 9 lb book all the back to vegas just to get it signed? riiiiigggghht.

  • Gutts

    Yeah really, my ass is not hauling that freaking big ass book back to vegas this year. Bad enough you loose 20 pounds of weight walking from one casino to another from the damn heat!!

    Wonder if he will sign the CD’s? :P

  • mike

    Hey, it’s for raising money for the EFF he will probably sign a playboy if you bring it!

    I think this is fucken kewl.

  • sunshine

    I spoke with Mike and he confirmed he is wwilling to sign a playboy.

  • chris t

    I’m bringing my book.

  • chris t

    And a playboy…