Plane crashes due to Bluetooth Snooping

When I read this article, posted earlier: ‘Fly-by-wireless’ plane takes to the air, I couldn’t stop imagining what would happen if someone would try to play with his laptop’s bluetooth sniffer/snooper/flooder/etc while this plane was in the air, or even during take-off.

What disturbs me even more is this line: But Santos and colleagues are working on this. She says Bluetooth is already fairly resistant to disruption as it is designed to guarantee a certain minimum data stream will always get through. “It has mechanisms for dealing with interference,” she says., ha? what? if I am jamming/blocking/etc there is no way for you to get ANY data through, that is what jamming means, further, can you navigate a plane with MINIMUM wires? no you need them all, you have redundancy, but you can’t cope with MINIMUM wires, they are either there, or not.

I hope this sort this fiasco before anyone decides to prove that bluetooth jamming on an airplane is just as lethal as placing a bomb on the plane.

  • David Cantrell

    Oh dear. See this cartoon from a few years ago:

  • noam

    can you translate the german (I presume) written there?

  • Sid

    I’m no german speaker, but something along the lines of:
    A new device has been detected
    Device: Airbus-A310
    Would you like to start the configuration wizard?
    Start | Cancel

    I don’t know what it says on the window things though. It’s obviously the airline name, but I don’t know if it’s significant.

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  • Matt

    Gives the term “Bluejacking” a whole new meaning…