Why is everyone reading FD again?

After years of arguments about the validity of the Full-Disclosure mailing list, flame wars, endless kiddie arguments and trolling, there came the mail bombings.

People actually quit FD after that.

A year ago a friend told Ren the following: “I finally got promoted, now one of the new kids can read FD!”

This past week, that same friend said: “I love reading FD, for the funny stuff.”

Ren immediately asked: “You read n3td3v?”
Friend: “Yeah.”
Ren: “I figured.”
Friend: “Well, it’s like with Howard Stern, you just want to see what he’ll say next”.

Another friend of Ren quickly pointed out: “Such people are good for enjoyment, but tend to discourage productive work due to frequent, uncontrollable laughter.”

There you have it folks, n3td3v will now and forever be known as the very special person who saved FD.

  • Art

    Howard Stern actually seems knowledgeable about what he’s talking about.

    A comparison to Inspector Clouseau, Benny Hill, or Tom Arnold would be more appropriate.

  • Peter Besenbruch

    Not me, I didn’t quit. I just blocked a couple of IP addresses and soldiered on. As for “n3td3v,” he may be a bit “special,” but he also resides in my killfiles.