Hilarious: 32 Farts are Better than One!

nod32 protects your ass. :)

one of nod32′s european resellers recently had an amazingly ingenius marketing idea.

they get free marketing from me as well, they earned it!

hilarious! these guys should get a raise.

btw, in hebrew nod means fart. :)

click on the images for full size.

gadi evron,

  • http://www.whiteacid.org WhiteAcid

    I’ve been using Nod32 for a good while now, I have to say it’s really kickASS

  • mike


    FART32 :)

  • IMNetSpyder

    so sunshine…

    when you see me, please don’t nod at me ok? =)


  • IMNetSpyder

    NOD32 protects my cheeks!

  • john r

    One can never have too much protection against “backdoor trojans ” :)

  • mike

    it could come to no good “end” :)

  • john r

    Fine, you be the “butt” of the jokes :)

  • sunshine

    after loking at the pictures again, I think I’ll go to dinner some place that serves … rump roast :)

  • Ivan

    got to admit… Protected bu NOD32 is the… ummm… bottom line

  • http://www.digitalmunition.com KF

    Nod32 – Covering your Ass since 199X

  • pickaboo

    this CSKA girls sure have “fanny prints” :)

  • NitPicking

    They didn’t use the right font, and the color is all wrong.

  • DaExpert

    I have spent quite a bit of time studying the font issue and AFAICT their fonts are just fine. Especially the font in the topmost picture which appears to be number 8′s fonts. I have to agree with the color problem.
    But it is winter. Their color should improve after a couple of hours on the beach.

  • sunshine

    Take that number 6!

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