Mini Mac running Os X got pwned in 30 minutes.

On February 22, a Sweden-based Mac enthusiast set his Mac Mini as a server and invited hackers to break through the computer’s security and gain root control… – writes ZDNet

“This sucks. Six hours later this poor little Mac was owned and this page got defaced. Good thing is it didn’t get rm’d!”

  • gfdsa

    apache chunks?

  • babar

    How to config your brain for dummies …
    I don’t understand why relaying this kind of information, someone can help me about this ?

  • boneyard

    it appears that not everyone feels this is correct information, a new challenge has been given.

  • JazzCrazed

    There’s been much ado about the FUD’dy nature of the first challenge. But despite how it was presented, is not privelege escalation something worth paying attention to? Getting past the haze of ZDnet’s poorly written article, it still looks to me like there’s a security vulnerability in there. Sure, it’s nothing compared to hacking into a well closed-up box over the internet, but being able to escalate their own priveleges is still something that isn’t supposed to happen.