Hacked #1 (comic strip)

Hacked, first strip of this new comics.

Hacked #1

Click on the image for full size.

  • TL

    I like the idea of a computer/security comic strip! This first one is quite nicely done. I’m looking forward to future “Hacked” submissions.

  • Ron B

    I love it. I bet SP3 can bring him back to life too!!! Great strip!

  • Megan G

    This was great. I am looking forward to seeing more!

  • Aviv

    Nice one, great PR for Microo$ft, I am sure.

  • http://www.digitalparadox.org Dc

    Lol, thats hilarious

  • joe

    love the idea. keep it up.

  • ric-o

    lol…funny. keep em coming.

  • http://offpoint.blogspot.com Jonathan Poon

    How true it is, you’ll never know 8).

  • me

    Very nice. Definitely want more. :)