Microsoft and week-lasting Security Advisory fix process [UPDATED]

The fixing process of Microsoft Security Advisories page is not the fastest I have seen.

On 16th February I noticed several mysterious non-working links at advisory Vulnerability in Windows Service ACLs. Service Pack download links and the CVE-2006-0023 reference pointed to the following target directory: Settings/Temporary Internet Files/Local Settings/Temporary Internet Files/OLK4D

and its subdirectories. All folders located at OLK4D were named as ‘H’, J’ etc. Like we now, Windows uses names of these type when generating subdirectories to Temporary Internet Files folder. You can’t see these in Windows Explorer, you have to use Command Prompt, DIR/A is worth of trying ;-)

I have informed MSRC immediately after noticing of these errors. No need to say that clicking these links generated a typical “We’re sorry, the page you requested could not be found” 404 page. Microsoft fixed these links on Friday, Feb 24th, after _eight_ days.

There was a similar case related to Sober advisory #912920 earlier too. AV vendor links pointed to the Desktop folder. For example, McAfee’s W32/Sober link pointed to\'.

When visiting these links they were being redirected to Desktop Deployment page Odd.
I checked the HTML source code too and this was the result:

Real Symantec’s URL

pointed to


The next question is if these directories were from the internal publishing system or directories in workstations used in publishing process.

Update: Added information about previous issue in Sober.X Security Advisory 912920 etc.