Nisco – Connecting people

Nisco was born of two market leaders joining forces. Nokia, the world renowned cellular phone developer and Cisco, the company whose products serve as the Internet’s infrastructure. The aim of Nisco was to connect people in a very similar way to the way computers and other devices have connected into one huge network.

Tele-people device – a device that connects (similarly to phones) a person to a network of other people, made communication between two people instantaneous and seamless. All you needed to do in order to reach someone was to think about them. From that moment any thought that crossed his or her mind would cross yours and vice verse. This brought the community closer to together, and brought a whole new type of entertainment, created new relationships, and changed the meaning of meeting people.

However, as with any other form of new technology, trouble didn’t lag behind. The technology came out roughly seven years ago to this date. When it came out, there was a lot of debate on whether it was or wasn’t dangerous to link people’s minds directly to technology. In the first year of its appearance, the technology was thoroughly tested, and no problems have been found with it. Once the FCC and FDA have granted their approval, people started implanting the device, which in turn generated additional word of mouth – resulting in additional people getting the implants.

It took nearly three years before someone was able to use the technology to harm the consumers. At first, the perpetrator tried to warn people – but was quickly silenced by Nisco’s attorneys and investigated by the FBI on the count of endangering national security. Unfortunately for Nisco, the information on how this harm can be done has quickly spread throughout the network, making anyone with a bit of intelligence capable of modifying his implement to do more than just connect with other people.

What happened next was totally unexpected. The first worm-like modification to the implant was released into the network, infecting millions of people, and placing their device in a constant state of broadcast. This sent their thoughts, feelings, visions, and basically anything that crossed their minds, into the public domain. As this worm continued to modify people, more and more broadcasts of people began to clutter the network, making infected people unable to function, as they were constantly and simultaneously receiving feeds from thousands of sources.

Matters quickly deteriorated, as the first cases of total mental breakdown were reported. A quarter of a million people were no longer functioning – unable to work, eat, or sleep they simply withered and died. In addition, the number of people infected slowly but surely reached the staggering billions, and Nisco stood by and couldn’t believe that something like this could be happening to them. The government of course was quick to react with an investigation, but it was already too late for the people that have got themselves implanted with the Nisco technology. On the one hand, since there was no way of disconnecting them from the network without causing them harm, there was no sure way of protecting them from the spreading worm.

As millions died the court system made hacking (either software or hardware), as illegal as murder, eventually making the death sentence mandatory for such crimes. Unfortunately for the person that released the worm and for the rest of the world, he got infected as well, squashing any prospect that a solution might be found.

The number of new people getting connected to the network dropped to zero. People connected to the network continued to die due to the effects of the worm, and many also decided to take the path of suicide by getting their implants removed. As the number of connected people diminished, so did the number of infections, and eventually the worm was unable to find new candidates for infections and disappeared.

The world remained devastated. Technologies that allowed you to integrate people with machines were rendered illegal and not even rebellious countries like China allowed their researchers to preform academic research in the field. Nisco was taken to court, were it lost and had to pay compensation to millions of people left with their love ones mentally handicapped or all alone as their spouses, children, brothers or sisters died as a result of this complete mental breakdown. These compensations brought Nisco to its knees and the company filled for bankruptcy, which was only thing they could do now that consumers no longer wanted to buy anything related to or manufactured by the once considered giant of the industry, Nisco.

So came to an end the merger between the two market leaders, Cisco and Nokia. People still remember the famous press release that Cisco and Nokia released when they merged – people’s lives will change forever – how right they were and how wrong were we to disregard their statement as just a marketing scheme.

  • irna taylor

    i had to pay nisco 1,900,00 for one month. i had to pay $250.00 everytwo weeks and to it was payed.

  • irna taylor

    this was last year. when this happen.