2 More OS X Inqtana Variants Found

What the hell is this, let’s target OS X week? This is directly from the guys over at F-Secure labs, they’ve just found 2 more variants of the OS X worm Inqtana.A, the variants are names Inqtana.B and Inqtana.C. The only difference is the way that the worm will start on the infected machine once the user has accepted the OBEX transfer.

More details on this can be found on the F-Secure blog
Guess this means that OS X is finally being taken seriously out there, and about time too.
What’s everyone’s thoughts on all the OS X action we’ve been seeing lately?

  • http://www.whiteacid.org WhiteAcid

    Late last year there were posts here which predicted that OS X would be targetted this year. Maybe people read that post and wanted to make sure that prediction would come true.

    It is possible that these virii are doing more good things than bad things to the Mac world. Since a large amount of media are covering the topic Mac users are (presumably) aquiring AV software which should protect them for the next volley of not-so-friendly virii.