New MSN Search & Win campaign search site hosted in France

Like some of our readers know, MSN has started its Search & Win campaign exactly one week ago. The UI of the search page itself is Flash-based and it’s located at Some details about the contest:
MSN will give users a chance to win prizes of $1 million by using this search engine. There are about 1,200 separate keywords linked to prizes, i.e. per month. The campaign will end at the end of April. Reportedly user will get information about possible prize after submitting his or hers search query. The prize list includes digital cameras, Xboxs, MP3 players, plasma TVs, trips etc. ‘If a link appears on the search results page with the words MSN Search & Win, click the link to see if you instantly won’, says the Help screen.

I decided to do some WHOIS queries yesterday and found a few interesting things:

1. The WHOIS results for this IP says:

inetnum: -
descr: Jaguar Network
country: FR
admin-c: JAGN-RIPE
tech-c: JAGN-RIPE
mnt-by: JAGUAR-MNT
changed: *********** 20050622
source: RIPE

When checking the domain listed is the Web site of Jaguar Network. The page is titled as ‘Jaguar Network – Network Operations Center’. No other domains are hosted by this French company, says Netcraft’s Top Sites Running report.

2. According to Netcraft this site uses Microsoft’s name servers:

DNS admin:
Nameserver Organisation: Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, 98052, United States

There is no information what are the connections between Microsoft and Jaguar Network.

3. This is for U.S. customers only. From the point of privacy, I’m interested if this contest will need detailed registration:
Bush Administration Demands Search Data; Google Says No; AOL, MSN & Yahoo Said Yes

Reportedly Yahoo! is planning a similar campaign.
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Juha-Matti Laurio

  • Fabian

    Without flash you don’t get any content, but they sure know how to meta keyword spam.

  • Juha-Matti

    New domain has been registered too ;-)

    WHOIS information:

    Created: 14-feb-2006
    Miraflores 1476
    Montevideo, Montevideo 11300

  • jean

    Jaguar Network is a French famous IP Transit Operator and a web hosting company.
    They are GIX maintainer so i don’t think they are linked to Microsoft.

    The Microsoft Search and Win application was developped by a small french company, which is a client of Jaguar Network.


  • Juha-Matti

    Jean, many thanks for bringing this information about these companies to our attention!