“if you are not doing anything wrong, why should you worry about it?”

our friend alex eckelberry over at sunbelt’s blog writes about houston’s police chief harold hurtt, who seems to love cameras and to think big brother is all in your mind.

“if you are not doing anything wrong, why should you worry about it?”

even i can’t deny the need or the effectiveness, and i can see how cameras can be good for the public and law enforcement protecting the public. london has been a great example of that.

still, like with many other such solutions, the perps just move elsewhere where cameras don’t cover their every move. whether it’s another city block or another city is another issue all-together. shuffling the trouble is always the best solution, right?

putting such technology in the hands of people who believe they should also see into your house and that if you’d like some privacy, you must be a criminal is rather amusing in how it is scary.

the main point being, that even if the current head honcho is a nice guy and all those who work for him (or her) are cool people, who is to say their followers will be. what’s to stop them from putting cameras in our showers, next? after all, do we have anything to hide? maybe we all just like to “help ourselves”…?
are there any limitations on what this will be used for after it is there? how do you enforce that?

with all the recent privacy issues in the states, finand, etc. i am becoming increasingly uncomfortable trusting those who are supposed to protect me.

i have always been a strong believer that just because solutions to something can potentially be abused, that is no reason not to find out what these solutions are.
as an example, most of us agree we need to fight terrorism, yet immediately make war on any attempt to do so. instead of killing every possible suggested solution i’d rather they fight on how it gets done.

to do it and leave it wide-open for abuse, however, should in my opinion be illegal. how you define what “wide-open for abuse” though is problematic, but getting less so in some sectors with the increasing popularity of industry standardization. at least where it is understood, and i don’t know of many who utilize these tools and really understand what standardization is about.

gadi evron,

  • http://www.BeyondSecurity.com aviram

    There’s a simple answer for that. Ask Mr. Hurtt to first put a webcam in his office, before filling the streets with them.

    After all, he’s not doing anything wrong, so why should he worry about a camera broadcasting his every move to the public?

    I’m willing to bet he will have reasons why HE shouldn’t be monitored. Big brother is only fun when you are the one in control.