Worm Propagation Strategies in an IPv6 Internet

this paper came out a couple of days ago, discussing many different methods for worm propagation over ipv6 (they cover most of what there is to cover). i think it was also on bruce schneier’s blog.

there is a lot more to be said about how network worms will actually behave, but that’s for another time.

i didn’t post it as i was sure it wouldn’t interest many people or that people already knew most of this.. but apparently not everybody is botnet-crazy like me. :)

the paper can be found here:

it was authored by steve bellovin, bill cheswick and angelos keromytis. i don’t know angelos, but he seems like a nice guy. steve, ches and him did amazing work, as usual. but we didn’t really expect less from them, right?

gadi evron,