UserFriendly on Bill Gates’ obviously wrong claims

two years ago bill gates came up with a proclamation saying that in two years spam will be gone.

we’ve been considering what to write about these claims (now known as wrong, what a shock), for about three weeks now. we ended up deciding the regular press will cover it.

anyway, today on funsec paul ferguson (fergie) saved us the trouble:

“spam is dead in two years!” was one in a series of such predictions, starting with the classic:
“640k ought to be enough for everybody”
– bill gates, 1981.

bill gates is obviously a genius, but as Sunshine keeps insisting on writing in his blog; prophecy was given to fools. bill gates is no fool and should stay away from such prophecy. it’s obviously not his thing.

bill, you might be an anti-spam kook if…

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  • xz

    I’m not up to date with anti-spam techniques but
    one way i see to counter spam is to check the sender’s mail address on the sender’s mx. If there’s no such sender, the mail is discarded or sent to a special folder. Is it that hard to implement this kind of check? Am I missing something here? (of course there are the obligatory security considerations, which? But, I’m only trying to be pragmatic).

  • WhiteAcid

    You mean implement the security on the mail server? The problem is that the scammers would simply use a mail server that doesn’t do the check even if that means using their own.
    I did hear that Berners-Lee was working on something to require authentication. But I have no idea where I read it and I only read the heading. It was probably some over-hyper rubbish anyway.