The laws of data security

Jeff Richards’ (formerly of SFU) Laws of Data Security:

1. Don’t buy a computer.

2. If you do buy a computer, don’t turn it on.

  • aviram

    Tell Jeff his 2nd law doesn’t hold. Proof:

    The computer you bought has a magnetic hard drive. This hard drive emits magnetic emissions and thus the data can be read remotely (e.g. by aliens with super-sensitive magnetic wave receivers).
    IMO the 2nd rule should be changed to: “if you buy a computer, make sure it’s 1,000ft underground surrounded by concrete, and disconnected from the outside”.

    Which reminds me – I’m still waiting for the guys in the TV series “Lost” (stranded on a deserted island with a mysterious computer from the 80s) to come to their computer one day and see “(C)Brain your PC is stoned” :-)

  • sunshine

    I gave up on lost.