Who kisses ass better, Piotr or Marc?

In a recent DD thread there was a discussion on the fonts vulnerability.

Apparently Piotr Bania discovered the same vulnerability eEye did and started working on an advisory when Microsoft released the patch.

We feel sorry for Piotr as he is a great guy, still, as he himself admitted there is no glory for coming in second.

Marc Maiffret was pretty decent about it too, and agreed that it was a shame, but still, eEye released it first.

So far so good… except for the fact these guys just don’t know when to stop!

“You’re cool.”
“No, you’re cool.”
“You are cooler.”
“No, you are cooler.”
“Nahh, you are so much cooler.”
“No way dude, you are the best.”

Come on guys, we can’t tell you apart anymore from so much mutua.. err.. we will use a big word.. erm… bilateral ass-kissing!

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