All’s well with 802.11.

So, 802.11 is maturing. Big companies which have avoided being early adopters may be getting ready to roll out their 802.11 networks or RFID. You might want to hold on just a sec.

There’s a mini-thread on the DD about wireless insecurities. That’s cool. However, in my humble opinion, the major flaw with wireless devices is that they are forced into the position of being a network edge device without any hardening whatsoever. Putting an 802.11 card (driver) or an AP at the edge of a network is like putting the Coast Guard on the front lines of an infantry battle. It just doesn’t fit.

Security researchers seem to be interested in drilling little holes around the larger holes drilled so many years ago. That’s typical. However, I don’t expect it’ll be too long before all the encryption weaknesses, hijacks, replay attacks, etc. get played out and folks go after the INHERENT weakness with 802.11. Where do most 802.11 drivers process layer 2 traffic? Think about that. Voltaire said it best:

‘…And as with quaking voice
mortal and pitiful ye cry, “All’s well.”
The universe belies you, and your heart
refutes a hundred times your mind’s conceit’