Reverse Engineering WMF Exploit Code

websense has done a lot of work on wmf since first alerting about it publically (yep, that was them), and in fact, along with many others, helped with alerting us (tisf / mwp) to many sites hosting malicious wmf files so that they can be taken down.

their latest blog entry is:
reverse engineering wmf exploit code

jan 17 2006 10:33am
as we have reported, there are still thousands of websites hosting wmf exploit code.since we have been analyzing several of these, we thought we would share some stepsin researching the behavior of the what the exploit code is doing.

this video displays malicious wmf files debugging. it shows how you can easily locate and debug the embedded shell code of wmf files, to find out what it was supposed to do.

url is:

direct url to the flash video:

gadi evron,