Fake security can hurt you …

“Fraudster James McCormick has been jailed for 10 years for selling fake bomb detectors. … One invoice showed sales of £38m over three years to Iraq, the judge said.”


Closer to our technical field, we know about the pure fraud of fake AV, of course.  And there are plenty of companies out there selling shoddy products.  But there are also the “consultants” out there doing desultory work, and spending more time on building a client base than doing any research or analysis.  (I recently ran into a monitoring and surveillance “expert” who had no idea about the problems with IP-connected video cameras.)  Some of them even hold CISSP certificates.

This is basically the whole reason behind the certificate: to have a standard that allows people to expect a minimal level of competence.  It’s not perfect, never will be, and there are other attempts (so far seemingly even less successful) at doing the same thing.  We need to assist the process, where we can, even if we don’t feel like pushing the ISC2 “brand.”

Do what you can to help.  Even if it is just pointing out fixable errors.

(When was the last time you submitted a question to the exam committee?)