First Post

I love Computer Security.

I remember it from when it was called “phreaking” and white, black and blue weren’t hat colors, but ‘box’ colors. I used to have a folder where I’d print and store information about computer viruses (both of them) – how to identify them, and how to remove them. A ‘hard-copy-anti-virus’ if you will.

Then came the Internet, along with Aleph One’s ‘smashing the stack’, Rain Forrest Puppy’s SQL injection guide (‘how I hacked packetstorm’) and next thing you know my hobby becomes a decent way to make a living, not to mention an honorable profession. I think what makes the Security field so special is the fact that it’s both a hobby and a profession for most of the people who work in it. Almost everybody I know that works in IT security truly enjoy their work and wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

We built as a web site for people who need to read about security. This site is dedicated for people who love to write about security. We hope to populate it with people who share our passion, and to fill it with interesting content.


  • Saar Drimer

    Aviram (Shalom?),
    I too remember the colored boxes, back in the day when I had my own BBS… that was fun.
    In any case, best of luck with the new weblog! There are very good security oriented logs out there and I hope yours would be one of them.

  • aviram

    Shalom Saar,

    I might have been one of those trying to hack^H^H^H^Hcheck the security level of your BBS, back in those days :-)
    What was the name of your old BBS?

    - Aviram

  • Saar Drimer

    My “Don’t Call Us” BBS in J-M was small and insignificant compared to the big dogs back in the day. I had a lot of fun with it, though.
    This should spark some good memories: