Canada’s Fastest Network! (Yeah, right.)

I’ve mentioned before that I use Shaw as my ISP at home.  Right at the moment, they have an advertising campaign that claims they are, or have, Canada’s fastest network.

Now, I’m willing to believe that Shaw is not being deliberately mendacious or misleading.  There is probably someplace, or some part of Shaw’s network, that transfers data faster than other vendors in that area or for that component.

And, I have to admit that, since I am not, generally, a high volume user, even the basic service I have for them is usually sufficient.  In the afternoon and most evenings.

But, right where I am, Shaw can’t seem to get any data moving in the morning.

I first noticed this a few months ago, and spent quite a bit of time contacting Shaw’s generally unhelpful help staff.  This involved them asking me to try a different network cable to the router, or a different computer, or bypassing the router, and checking their speedtest.  (None of which made any difference.)  They finally sent someone around.  The next day.  Of course, by that time the problem had resolved.  But by that time I’d noticed that traffic was only slow in the morning.

So, over the past few months there have been numerous mornings when it has been slow.  I don’t mean just “they promised me speeds up to 5 Mbps and I’m only getting 1.39″ slow, I mean “they promise a minimum of 1 Mbps and their own speedtest is showing 0.02 Mbps and that’s only when it actually completes” slow.  It doesn’t happen every morning, but often enough to see that the pattern is extremely regular, starting about 8:30 am, and trailing off (as in, network speeds start working again) around 11:30 am.

I’ve reported this to Shaw’s technical support, mostly through Twitter, since it takes less time than fighting your way through their phone voice menu tree and it doesn’t matter what reporting method you use, they never do anything anyway.  (Along the way I have learned that the ShawHelp Twitter people have a “Hello $username. If you follow and DM your account info and phone number we can look into it for you” macro, and that, if you submit details about the speeds and the fact that you have tried various configurations, you will receive a “No issues in your area, modem signal is good. Is computer direct to modem or are you using router?” message about 3 or 4 hours later.

It’s been annoying, but I’ve lived with it for a while.  Except that, for the past week and a half, this has now happened every single day.  It is pretty much impossible to do anything in the morning.  This morning was particularly bad: I couldn’t even get the speedtest to run, for the most part.

So, if I suddenly stop posting, you’ll kn()^(*%(&*(&*(&^ NO CARRIER