Censorship with a broad brush

Just in case you have been hiding under a (Higgs or non-Higgs) rock for the past few weeks, TomKat is breaking up [1].  Tom Cruise is a highly visible Scientologist.  Many people have been commenting on possible Scientology aspects of the breakup.  Scientology seems to break out in a rash whenever anyone mentions the cult.

So, someone has provided a simple means for Scientologists to try and ensure that any mention of Scientology, or the event, or anything, is removed.

The main thrust of the instruction is that everybody will have a “code of conduct” on their Website, and every code of conduct will ban anything that “defames, degrades… an individual or group,” or something similar.  So, you just blanket object to everything on that basis.

I think it should work pretty well.  I’d say that, following Lord Northcliffe’s dictum that “News is what somebody, somewhere wants to suppress.  All the rest is advertising,” any interesting posting could be seen, by someone, as defaming or degrading some individual or group …

Of course, there are many other forms of censorship.  Here in Canada, the government is using funding cuts, threats of funding cuts, and even direct diplomatic office intervention, in order to to block theatrical performances it doesn’t like.