Congrats to UNC Charlotte



I had the chance to hang out at the SECCDC yesterday at Kennesaw State Univ.  For those not familiar with these events (I wasn’t either, until yesterday), you have colleges who bring in teams to defend against a ‘red team’.  UNC Charlotte defended their network better than the other colleges.  It was interesting to see these schools throwing in block filters, redirects, etc. on the fly.  Impressive from a bunch of college students.  The red team was equally impressive.  There wasn’t a box that they didn’t, at some point, root thoroughly…


One interesting note.  During the competition, there was a full power outage.  UPSes died.  Images were lost.  Router configs were killed.  It generally set the entire competition back a few hours (at least).  Just a reminder that physical security is every bit as important as the logical security….