New computers – Kindle – More Encounters

A few random observations along the way:

The Kindle has rebooted spontaneously a couple of times since I got it, and sometimes it refuses to connect to wireless unless it gets rebooted.  Since the device is so simple, I would have thought that this shouldn’t be a major process, but it seems to take about two minutes to do a reboot.

One of the times that it wouldn’t connect, and I rebooted it, it scared the liver out of me.  It seemed to be at the end of it’s boot process, came up with the home page–except that it said I had zero items on the device.  At that point I had loaded about 50 books onto it, and sorted them into half a dozen collections, none of which were in evidence.  Shortly after that it did decide that my stuff was there, but you shouldn’t scare old people like me in that way.  It could have major medical consequences.  For my pants, if nothing else.  (When I finally tried out the USB connection to the computer, the first thing I did was back up the whole thing.)

Logging on to hotspots with redirection is still inconsistent.  Sometimes it has no problem at all; other times I go from “Shop in Kindle Store” to “Sync & Check for Items” to the browser, and a couple of times around before I get a chance to a) pick a network to which to connect, and b) a chance to reload whatever page the browser was on before, which finally prompts the redirect and login.

Amazon doesn’t like “selling” you the same book more than once, even if it is free.  (It will offer to reload the book for you, though, in case you’ve lost itor accidentally deleted it.)  If you send books via email, though, it will quite happily load the book twice, and give you two entries for it.