I was recently made aware of a site/service called About.Me.  It allows you to sign up, and create a very short Web page about yourself.  I created a page, noted that there wasn’t much else I could do, and figured that was it.

The next day I received a message noting that they were providing email as well.  I could sign up for my own email address (as if I didn’t have enough already) with them.  The instructions said that I could access it via POP and IMAP.

So, I gave it a try.  I activated the email address, and started to test it.  I can send mail to the address (from another account), and retrieve it, but when I tried to send mail through their SMTP server I got an error.  Having done this before, with a variety of servers, I tried some variations on the instructions.  More error messages, and no sent email.

So, I tried their help and support systems.  I ran into the same page of (incorrect) instructions again and again.  I tried to find some way to contact them.  The pages and links labelled “Feedback” have no contact information on them, and no input fields to fill in and send.  Nothing.

Eventually, I did find something that allowed me to send them a message.  I gave details of what I was doing, and sent copies of the error messages I received.

I got a message back.  It asked me for details.  I sent back the same details, including the error messages.  I got a second message.  It asked if I had seen any error messages.

I have sent them a third message with the error messages again.

I very much doubt that this is going to be one of the runaway social media success stories.

  • ZI

    It seems as though your blog has been masqueraded by spam bots. Anyways, I had a similar experience with a few other “web 2.0″ sites. These companies have a small staff usually to start off with, but don’t usually understand why they don’t succeed in today’s world until its too late.