New computers – Mac – some additions

I seem to have avoided the problems with Lion, by virtue of not having gotten around to buying it for a while.  Procrastination has its uses.

The battery problems (not those that Charlie Miller found, which seem to have been rather overblown by the media) appear to be getting worse: the battery is still taking forever to charge, and the charge doesn’t last as long. The power management “decisions,” on the part of the computer, are inconsistent.  Often, even when the computer is actually plugged into the mains, the mouse will be shut down, presumably to save power.  On the other hand, sometimes when the computer goes (or is put) to sleep, the USB power is obviously still running, and the mouse sitting there glowing like a nightlight.

Something is not right between Apple and Twitter.  Looking at Twitter via the Web interface (using Safari) is fine–as long as you are only looking at a few screenfuls of postings.  if you go back several hours, and are dealing with a Web page with hundreds of postings, the Mac becomes almost unusable.  The same size of page viewed with an old netbook running XP and Firefox is slow, but definitely works.

  • MartinW


    Which mouse is that?

  • p1

    Standard el-cheapo optical mouse, but I would have thought it would be fairly easy, when the machine is going to sleep, to tell it to shut off power to USB ports.

    (I don’t suppose a mouse LED is a huge drain, but …)

  • MartinW

    It could need a driver. MS mice work tons better with the Intellimouse drivers. Without that their features and behaviour are ridiculously limited. I don’t know how other brands behave, but it would not surprise me if they’d behave exactly as you describe it.

    I’m using Microsoft Comfort 4500 mice for the desktop, buy them in 5-packs. They work fine with the MS driver, but not without it. OTOH, if you have a track pad on a Mac, you really don’t need a mouse, so I’ll get a trackpad for the desktop as well. If you weren’t so far away, I’d send you a clutch of MS mice that I’m not going to use, except possibly one or two for games.

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