Calm acceptance vs self-help

As an emergency services volunteer, I’ve been looking for stories about how the Japanese have been handling displacements, evacuations, and those left homeless following the quake and tsunami.  Oddly, despite having all kinds of video and pictures coming from various areas of Japan, these stories seem to be missing (possibly pushed out of the news-stream by boats running over cars, and a steaming reactor).

Yesterday I started to see a few, some noting that the Japanese culture of calm acceptance was contributing to orderly lines and a lack of panic.  (And then saw some reports that a lack of action by the government was starting to wear on the calm acceptance.  Six days after the quake, food and water aren’t getting through to areas which are only as far apart as Ottawa is from Toronto, or Boston from Baltimore.)

So I was intrigued to find, this morning, this report of someone running counter to his own culture.

(And, once again, I’ll take the opportunity to promote the idea that all security professionals should consider getting training as emergency services volunteers.  You’ll know what to do in or for an emergency, you’ll be a help intead of a drain, and, in the meantime, you can probably apply it to BCP, and get CPE credits for your training.)