Sales seminars

Attended an IBM seminar today. Started out with a history of the company, year by year over the past hundred. They still haven’t forgiven Howard Aiken :-)

They also take full credit for DES, instead of Lucifer.

Note to presenters: in order to ensure your audience turns off right away, ask a series of questions about who has, who doesn’t have, and who has a mature “information governance practice,” and only then define “information governance.” Use no less than seven meaningless buzzwords in any definition. (I was amused when he got to a slide about “semantic consistency,” and stressed the importance of everyone agreeing on the meaning of words, since, by using buzzwords, he was using words which had an agreed upon meaning: it just wasn’t the meaning he meant. Business glossary = data dictionary [in the "venacular" (sic)], administrator access = power user) Read your (very busy) slides, word for word (turning away from the microphone frequently in order to do so).