Will the real n3td3v please stand up

FD became unreadable for almost a week because of “yet another” seasonal flame war. Some dumbass decided to to post some other dumbass’s most famous quotes. And then the flame war began.

As usual, the list was flooded by silly requests to please please please become moderated (what syllable in the words “Full Disclosure” did you not understand?). The (f)lamers started even to convince themselves to stop the flaming(*) and the climax was netdev’s email impersonating a John Doe (sorry, Joe Average) saying “I spoke to netdev and asked him not to respond”. Now that’s a famous quote right there.

The brainless posts are not a problem in typical flame wars, because once you know the players you can easily filter them or move the thread to another folder for your reading enjoyment :) The problem starts when all the others, those that can’t post anything useful, get dragged into answering and adding noise to the flames. It’s like when somebody talks in the movie theater but the real noise is the dozens of people who ‘shoosh’ him.

Finally, a word to n3td3v: we love you, but you still have a lot to learn from your gobbles mentors.

BTW, the quote in the title belongs to David Litchfield in response to a post ‘not the real n3td3v’. I’m guessing several people lost their keyboards and coffees there…

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  • sunshine

    Will the real n3td3v please stand up… I think we have s problem here.

    Have you never seen a white person before….

  • sunshine

    ever… never.. n3td3v,,, Racfel Ivgi… all the same to the God of typo’s.

    Maybe I should put a bucket on my head and pretend to be the ancient Vorlon God Boojie! (Babylon 5 injection!).

  • http://ferdawg.blogspot.com/ Fergie

    Well, you may love him, but I unsubscribed to FD — the S/N ration is intolerable.

    - ferg

  • foobar

    The best of all is, that you post this to the list and bring the idiots and flames back. Thanks very fucking much.

    Do you ever think before posting meanless stuff to an unmoderated list. No moderation does not mean that you can bother everything with your slander.

  • foobar


  • sunshine

    erm.. fooobar.

    The answer is in the nickname.

  • http://ITcyb.org Justin

    I think this just goes to show that when _everyone_ finds out about a resource, especially an unmoderated one, that resource gets abused until it is useless. Especially when generation y finds out ;-)

    I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that companies would applaud the death of FD, if FD is that easy to troll, then any company could hire 1 child to destroy its usefulness. Also, any one person could destroy the list..maybe one did. =(

    Of course maybe these abusers will go away after getting their jollies off and getting bored; it wont still be fun after a year… will it?

  • http://ITcyb.org Justin

    Oh, and its spelled fubar ;-)

  • ghfhg

    gobbles wouldnt mentor such a fag

  • Merkur

    People need to get their heads out of their asses and stop bitching about it. Freedom of speech, no matter how moronic, and communication are what our field is about.

    ‘jaws all on the floor like Pammy and Tommy just burst in the door…

  • http://blogs.securiteam.com/index.php/archives/author/mattmurphy/ Matthew Murphy

    n3td3v has, finally, been kicked from the list. He also seems to have a case of schizophrenia. In his December 17th post, he refers to “what I’ve got”, namely his “inside information” about one of Corporate America’s largest, which is funny, since he probably couldn’t pass a literacy test.

    In his latest blog post, he writes that “our researchers” are no longer able to participate on the list. So… perhaps the question remains! Which one *is* the real n3td3v?

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.
    Have a laugh: n3td3v.blogspot.com

  • http://infosecandpolitics.blogspot.com dan morrill

    The link to n3td3v is broke, looks like he was banned from blogspot as well. Oh well, hours of amusement. I love my delete button and e-mail rules to filter out stuff.

    Fergie, sorry you have left FD, I like your blog.

  • http://blogs.securiteam.com/index.php/archives/author/mattmurphy/ Matthew Murphy

    LOL… My bad. I made a typo with the URL. Let’s try this again:


  • sunshine

    I have nothing against n3td3v personally, but what’s with that “we have been…” royalty talk?

  • arse

    If no one understands why n3td3v has had such a flaming, his false claims and self promotion probably did it.

    Also posts like “the underground terrorists are planning a cyber attack” a couple of years ago.. so that never happened, its easy to see how he has discredited himself.

    Yes he has found/reported an XSS issue on a big site, probably anyone could uncover that if they could be bothered to look.

    N3td3v needs to kill off his handle and stop concentrating on just Google and Yahoo which he seems to think run the internet or something.

  • http://0xdeadface.co.uk dyn0

    lmfao your all fools